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(PBS documentary, episode 6)

"….. wind, rain and sun in the minds of most architects, they are enemies. But what if buildings can utilise and respond to the conditions of the environment? What if the urban environment itself became a living, breathing organism? To Ken Yeang it is….."

Udo Kulterman

"..Professor Ken Yeang is internationally renowned as the 'father' of sustainable bioclimatic building.."

Professor, Washington University School of Architecture

Lord Norman Faster
British Architect

"..Ken Yeang has developed a distinctive architectural vocabulary that extends beyond questions of style to confront issues of sustainability and how we can build in harmony with the natural world.."


"..Ken Yeang is at the forefront of thinking about the ecological imperative from an architectural perspective and as an avantgarde designer of the bioclimatic skyscraper and a realist, he is one of the the very few willing to operate in the gap between necessity, compunction and hope.."

American architecture theorist and critic landscape architect and designer


"Ken Yeang, one of the 50 people who could save the planet.."

Dr. John Yeung
BCA Chief Executive Officer

"..Thank you, for your leadership and dedication to green building and sustainable development.."

Jane Henley

"..Perhaps the most famous architect of green walls, is Malaysian Ken Yeang, pioneer of 'vertical green urbanism', he designs his biuldings as total 'living systems' carefully selecting native species and establishing 'biodiversity targets' for these new ecosystems.."

Chief Executive Officer, World Green Building Council

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